What is this? A place to discover, rate and review everything. For launch we have started with People, Groups, Businesses, Companies, Places and Products.

How much does it cost? The search is free! To Rate and Review anything is free! although you must sign up. In order to become a moderator requires a $5/month membership.

Why do you charge? To prevent spam. Website and server expenses. Remain clean of advertisements. And of course, to keep us programmers from starving.

What sort of content is used? Any data contribution within Skore must comply with the Terms and Privacy Policy. (Content available within the public domain.)

Why am I already listed within the website? Congratulations, someone out there believes you are worthy of being within the archive and has already added you to it.

How can I control my content? This website is a Wiki. Anyone can add, edit, rank or review content within the archive. The Skore staff help to maintain civility and order.